Salah Timetable

Please make an effort to attend the Masjid to pray. It is both spiritually and socially beneficial.

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported: Rasoolullaah Sallallaahu 'Alayhi wa sallam said,

"He who purifies (performs Wudu') himself in his house and then walks to one of the houses of Allaah (Masjid) for performing an obligatory Salaat, one step of his, will wipe out his sins and another step will elevate his rank (in Jannah).''


2022 Salah Timetable

  • The method of deriving Salah times has changed for January 2022 onward. See details below.

  • Zohar Jamaat time is either 1pm or 2pm depending on when the clocks change.
    November to March - 1:00pm
    April to October - 2:00pm

  • Juma Khutbah times
    November to March - 12:40pm and 1:10pm
    April to October -
    1:25pm and 1:55pm

  • Jamaat times listed on this timetable may change

  • During Ramadhan Fajr Jamaat will take place 15 mins after the start times and Isha Jamaat 10 mins after the start time

Method of deriving Salaah times for January 2022 onward

  • Data is sourced from the Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO) website.

  • Fajr times are based on 18 degrees solar depression with Aqrabul-ayyam principle during persistent astronomical twilight period.
    As a precaution 5 minutes have been subtracted from sunrise times sourced from HMNAO.

  • Zohar - As a precaution 5 minutes has been added to upper transit times sourced from HMNAO.

  • Asar - The Hanafi fiqh position is adopted (Shadow 2 on HMNAO data)

  • Maghrib - As a precaution 5 minutes has been added to sunset times sourced from HMNAO.

  • Isha times are based on 15 degrees solar depression in combination with the Sub' al'layl principle.

  • Hijri dates are based on the Ummul Qura calendar.

  • For a more detailed article on how the Salaah times have been derived and why the Masjid decided to adopt these times please click here.

  • For any questions regarding the Salah times please click here to contact us.