New Building


The current wooden Masjid building dates back to the 1970s. It was purchased from The Salvation Army in 1975 for the Muslim community to pray in. Over the years additions have been made such as a further cabin and bathroom area. All of these including the main building however are in need of refurbishment and repair.

The adjacent land was a bowling green in the late 1800's. It was then redeveloped into garages. Over the years some of these were removed and others neglected. The land itself was unkempt with overgrown vegetation.

The vision is to transform this land and the current Masjid building into a Masjid and community centre for the locals to thrive in through prayer, reflection and education for years to come. It will serve infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. The aim is also to create a dedicated space for the females of the community. The new building will allow expansion of the supplmentary school to cope with the rising Muslim popuplation. It will also allow the Masjid to offer more services such as funerals.

Be part of this transformation today.

The current building. This cabin dates back to the 1970's

Derelict land adjacent to the Masjid that has been aquired

Red: Boundary of derelict land aquired. Yellow: Land originally owed by the Masjid since 1975


Alhamdulillah, planning permission has been granted by Kirklees council. The pictures below show the proposed external appearance of the completed building. The main prayer hall will be on the new development site (where garages were previously). Utilities, wudhu area and toilets for the new Masjid are planned to be housed on the site where the current building stands.In addition to the bulding there will be space around the new building to park cars. There are plans for over 40 car parking spaces. 

Ground floor area is estimated to be 565 square metres and first floor 470 square metres. 

Click on the album to see pictures of the plans. 


Phase 1 - Planning and Design

Land Purchase - Done
Site Surveys & Investigations - Done
Foundation design - Done
Drainage system design - Done
Steel structure design - Done
Planning permission - Done

Phase 2 - Construction on derelict land

Site clearance - Done
Land drain & soakway - Done
Piling contractors - Done
Foundation Excavations - Done
Foundation laying down - Done
Steel structure erection - Done
Concreting floors - Done
Masonary work - Done
Roofing - Done
Door and windows - In Progress
Internal Furnishing

Phase 3 - Construction on site of original building

Phase 4 - Car Park

Up to March 2023


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