Our ethos is firmly based on educating tomorrow Muslim citizens. We firmly believe that the job of the Madrassah is not just to teach Quran but to give give children a rounded islamic education.

The madrassah places a big emphasis on the following subjects:

  • Quran
  • Aqeedah
  • Aadab and Duas
  • Fiqh
  • Seerat
  • Tajweed
  • Islamic History
Our emphasis is on educating the children to be good Muslim Citizens who are a asset to the community.

If you would like more information about the Madrassah please do not hesitate to contact us

If you wish to admit your child to the Madrassah, please print the application form attached below and hand it in at the Masjid. You will be informed once a decision has been made about admitting your child. 

*** Please note that we are no longer taking any external applications for the Hifz Class ***

Madni Masjid,
22 Aug 2011, 18:29