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Tuition Fees

Please remember every penny spent towards your child’s Islamic Education is an investment for the hereafter and means of blessings in this life. The Madrassah operates on a non-profit basis and payment of fees on time is essential for the Madrassah to be a sustainable project. Each and every Madrassah place is currently heavily subsidized.

We would appreciate if you could please pay your child's tuition fees by monthly direct debit. This saves yourself and the Madrassah administration team much time and hassle. It is a very simple procedure. Please click on the appropriate payment plan below and complete the form. This will lead you to secure site to enter your bank details to setup direct debit. Please contact the Madrassah if you have any queries regarding this.


1 Madrassah Child 2020/21


2 Madrassah Children 2020/21


3 Madrassah Children 2020/21

1 Hifz Child 2020/21

1 Madrassah & 1 Hifz Child 2020/21


2 Madrassah & 1 Hifz Child 2020/21

*Admission Charge£10
*Setup Direct Debit Authorisation