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Academic Year

The Madrassah academic year will now run from the September to August.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the Madrassah has been suspended until further notice. The academic calendar is also currently suspended. Further infomation will be communited in due course.

The holidays are as per the year planner below. Click for a larger image.

The above dates maybe subject to change, in such circumstances parents will be notified well in advance. If the Madrassah is closed due to dangerous weather conditions, parents will be required to contact the Madrassah on 01484 301103 between 5 and 7pm Monday to Friday or you may check the Madni Masjid website

Parents and guardians are encouraged to plan holidays/outings within the above dates.  The Madrassah has tried its best to provide holidays that coincide with school holidays. Parents are requested to take advantage of these days and ensure no absences are made during the course of the Madrassah academic year. 

Examinations/Parents Meetings

Examinations will be conducted twice a year, prior the mid year and prior the end of the year breaks. Relevant information will be conveyed to you closer to these dates. However attendance is mandatory. Please note; following the mid year examinations, parents will be required to attend Madrassah the Madrassah to discuss your child's progress. 


Absences have a negative impact on your Childs education and on the general progress of the entire class. Therefore parents and guardians are strongly advised to avoid unauthorized absences. In the event of an absence, parents and guardians will be required to send in a written note explaining the nature of the absence.